Keyword Research


We'll identify your target keywords and the associated monthly traffic volumes.

Website Optimisation

02. Optimise Your Website

We'll optimise your website and content in order to improve your organic ranking factors.

SEO Outreach & Digital PR

03. Improve Authority

We'll external ranking factors in order to build awareness and improve organic visibility.


Achieving strong organic keyword positions for related high traffic keywords is the ultimate goal for any website. The process of improving your organic visibility is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and done right, can add significant value to your business.

We’ve taken SEO best practice and tactics that work in todays’ search landscape and built them into a delivery process that ensures continued progress towards your overall goal. We also include Coversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) within your campaign in order to improve organic conversion rates and online sales.

Our strategy can really be described as a user focused strategy with high quality content perfectly aligned between your users expectations and your business goals along with website optimisation work that focuses on delivering an enhanced user experience – which are also increasing ranking factors within Google’s algorithm and will continue to grow in importance.


Mobile Friendly Sites Perform Better in Search

On 21st April 2015, Google released an update to their mobile search algorithm and are encouraging site owners take action and update their sites to make them mobile friendly. Failure to deliver a mobile friendly site to mobile visitors could have a significant impact on your sites performance. Digital3 can turn your existing non mobile friendly website into a fully responsive website negating the need for expensive redesign and development costs. If your website is currently non responsive, then we will automatically build this in to your SEO campaign. Read Google’s Announcement: Mobile Website Ranking Boost

HTTPS is now the preferred protocol for seo

It’s no secret that Google are encouraging a safer environment online. They’ve even made this a ranking factor so it’s time for you (site owners) to contact your hosting company, purchase and install an SSL for your domain and redirect all pages to secure version. It is now widely considered that the preferred version of your site (for optimisation) should look like this: